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An equestrian-bohemian lifestyle brand embodying self expression through the love of travel, art, nature, and animals

The inspiration behind creating the sigAshop brand began with a love for horses and grew into a love for discovering new places..."The equestrian marries the gypsy" defines this juxtaposition of styles Co-Founders, Jennifer & Brittany have brought to life. 

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Places that inspire us

We believe that you go away so that you can come back and see the place you came from in a new light with more vivid colors. And the people you knew see you in a new way. 

We believe wherever you go it will become a part of you and each time you go away you bring back a piece of that place with you. 

These are some of our favorite places, places that inspire sigAshop and they each make up little pieces inside of us. 

Show us what places make up the little pieces inside of you by using our travel hashtag #thisismesiga 

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